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Whether you are looking for shutter inspiration, are exploring tips on how to improve your curb appeal or want advice from industry experts, the Timberlane blog has everything you need. The ideas are endless!

    Surprise! Exterior Shutters Are Energy Savers, Too

    Exterior shutters are one of the most time tested energy saving window treatments. Before glass for ...
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    Start Building Your Shutters: Choose Your Product

    Step 1 in the process of selecting your shutters is choosing the right product for you. For ...
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    What Shutter Maintenance Could Cost You

    Curious about the proper care to upkeep your shutters? That depends on your material of choice. ...
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    5 Common Shutter Measuring Mistakes

    Timberlane's custom-made exterior shutters are built for the perfect fit. Avoid these 5 shutter ...
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    Anatomy of an Exterior Shutter

    We're experts at shutter speak and we know this process can be a bit overwhelming. But we're here ...
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    The Pleasure of a Perfect Measure

    Learn about how to measure for exterior shutters with Timberlane's expert advice. For more help ...
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    How To: Hardware on a Hard Surface

    The impact of bold shutters and elegant hand-forged hardware on a brick background is immediate. ...
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    Shutters that Endure

    At Timberlane, authenticity and history are our passion, and our products reflect that. Our wooden ...
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    Old Becomes New: Custom Shutter Matching

    Many historical homes come decorated with authentic, functional exterior shutters and are required ...
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