Timberlane’s Design Inspiration

Whether you are looking for shutter inspiration, are exploring tips on how to improve your curb appeal or want advice from industry experts, the Timberlane blog has everything you need. The ideas are endless!

    Old Becomes New: Custom Shutter Matching

    Many historical homes come decorated with authentic, functional exterior shutters and are required ...
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    Finishing Your Shutters

    Considering painting your own exterior shutters? Let the Timberlane do the work for you. Read about ...
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    Aren't Most Shutters Maintenance-Free?

    We recently received a question from a follower: Aren't most shutters today maintenance-free? That ...
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    Timberlane on the Waterfront

    Timberlane Shutters and waterfront living make a great match! Check out some options for exterior ...
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    Why Shutters?

    Exterior shutters over the course of history were not only aesthetically pleasing but provided a ...
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    Which Way Do They Go? Louver Basics Revealed

    Which direction should fixed louvers face? Timberlane has the answer to which way louvers should go ...
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