Elevate Your Luxury Home: Choosing the Perfect Exterior Shutters

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    Shutters have always served a variety of purposes. Along with adding a decorative splash to the outside of a luxury home, they can help control things like light and airflow. In some cases, they can also protect against harsh weather.

    With so many considerations in mind, you want to choose your exterior shutters carefully. Here is a step-by-step process to help you narrow down your choices and make a selection that you will enjoy every time you step out of your door.

    Start With Your Home

    Before you start shopping for external shutters, consider your home. There are multiple kinds of shutters (which we’ll explore in a minute), and they tend to go with different housing styles.

    Some house styles are remarkably flexible. A Cape Cod ranch, for example, can work with almost anything. If you’re working with a colonial and you want it to look historically accurate, though, you should put panel shutters on the first floor and louver shutters on the second floor.

    Georgian, Victorian, Greek Revival — there are many housing styles out there. Figure out what you’re working with before you shop shutters.

    Consider Shutter Styles

    There are multiple shutter styles to choose from. Panel shutters are a traditional yet timeless option. Board-and-batten shutters are quaint and simple. Bermuda shutters bring an equatorial flare while also providing protection.

    Once you know the home you’re working with, it’s time to look for shutter styles that go with it. You can use our handy house and shutter pairing guide to help you find a good match.

    Pick Out a Shutter Profile

    One of the best things about hand-crafted shutters for luxury homes is the fact that you can personalize them beyond the basic style selection. Once you’ve found a shutter style that pairs well with your home, you can choose from a wide range of profile options to make them uniquely yours.

    Louver shutters, for example, can be both fixed and operable. They can also feature slats that vary in size. Mission shutters can have recessed designs that vary from simple slats to intricate arrangements and even unique symbol cut-outs.

    Compare Shutter Material Options

    Up until now, we’ve considered form over function. However, you do want to keep things like durability and operability in mind when choosing your luxury home’s shutters. One of the most important ways to do that is by selecting the right material.

    When you have your shutters made by hand, you have the option to create them out of different base materials. PVC shutters are highly durable. Wood shutters have a timeless flare. Aluminum shutters can withstand high winds and rain.

    Along with the material, consider if you want your shutters to be permanently fixed to your siding or capable of shutting. Details like choosing louver shutters that can or cannot shut are also important.

    Choose Your Shutter Color and Hardware

    Finally, we have the finishing touches. Once you have a window shutter style that matches your home and you’ve selected the material and profile you prefer, you need to pick a color and add hardware.

    As far as color is concerned, take a look at the latest trends. At the same time, don’t choose something that will look dated a few years from now.

    Hardware can make a definitive difference, too. For example, a storm strap hinge provides a clean, modern look, whereas a tapered strap hinge with a pin provides traditional vibes. Choose each piece of hardware thoughtfully.

    Ordering Shutters for Your Luxury Home

    Once you’ve made your selection, it’s time to order the shutters themselves. No two luxury homes are the same. Use our shutter measuring guide to ensure you end up with accurate, effective shutters that fit your home’s unique specifications.

    Making sure you end up with the right shutters can feel like an overwhelming process. If you’re hesitating or you feel you want the input of a professional, reach out. Our team at Timberlane can provide expert guidance to help you make the perfect selection.

    About Timberlane

    Timberlane is a craft shutter company dedicated to creating the finest exterior custom shutters in the world. Our skilled artisans have the experience and knowledge to handcraft custom shutters for every kind of luxury home.

    We love to collaborate with homeowners and trade professionals alike, empowering them as they learn about and select the shutters that will take each home to the next level. Our adaptable, high-end, hands-on manufacturing process and proven installation methods ensure that every installation matches customer requests and specifications, turning their residential dreams into reality in the process.


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