A Guide to Choosing the Right Custom Shutters


    When enhancing the curb appeal of your home, few things have as significant an impact as custom wood shutters. These exterior custom shutters can add charm, elegance, and a touch of personality to your home's facade. Custom shutters come in many styles, colors, and materials. Choosing the right ones can completely change the appearance of your home. 


    Styles of Custom Shutters  

    Custom shutters come in various styles, each with its own unique charm and appeal.  

    • Louvered Shutters: These shutters feature slats (or louvers) that allow for airflow and light control. They are a classic choice that complements a variety of building styles, from traditional to modern.  
    • Panel Shutters: These shutters feature a solid panel that adds depth and dimension to your windows. They are a popular choice for colonial and Georgian-style homes.  
    • Board and Batten Shutters: Crafters construct these shutters from wide boards with narrow strips (battens) covering the joints. They have a rustic, farmhouse appeal and are perfect for cottages and country-style homes.  
    • Bermuda Shutters: Also called Bahama shutters, these open outward from the bottom and hinge at the top. They offer shade and protection from the elements and people often see them in tropical or coastal settings.  


    Colors of Custom Shutters  

    The color of your custom shutters can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your home's exterior.  

    • Neutral Colors: Shades of white, cream, beige, and gray are versatile options that can complement any color scheme. They provide a clean, classic look that never goes out of style.  
    • Bold Colors: If you want to make a statement, consider choosing custom shutters in bold, eye-catching colors such as red, blue, or green. These colors can add a pop of personality to your home's exterior.  
    • Stained Finishes: For a more natural look, consider choosing custom shutters with a stained finish. This allows the beauty of the wood grain to show through while adding warmth and richness to your home's exterior.  


    Materials for Custom Shutters  

    Custom shutters are available in a variety of materials, each with its own unique benefits.  

    • Wood: Wood is a popular choice for custom shutters because of its natural beauty and versatility. Cedar and redwood are popular choices for their durability and resistance to decay.
    • Vinyl: Vinyl shutters are affordable, low-maintenance, and come in a variety of colors and styles. However, they may not offer the same level of authenticity as wood shutters.
    • Composite: Composite shutters consist of a combination of wood fibers and synthetic materials. They offer the look of wood with the durability of synthetic materials. This dual nature makes them a popular choice for many homeowners.  


    Choosing the Right Custom Shutters for Your Home  

    When choosing custom shutters for your home, it's essential to consider the architectural style already in place. For traditional homes, louvered or raised panel shutters in neutral colors can enhance the classic look of your home. For modern homes, sleek, minimalist shutters in bold colors or stained finishes can add a contemporary flair. Regardless of your home's architectural style, custom shutters can enhance its beauty and curb appeal. By choosing the right style, color, and material, you can create a look that is uniquely yours.  


    Finding Custom Shutters Near Me  

    When looking for custom shutters near you, it's essential to choose a reputable supplier with a wide range of options. Timberlane offers a variety of custom shutters in different styles, colors, and materials to suit your home's needs. At Timberlane, you can get custom shutters to improve your home's outside and make a unique style that is yours.  


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