Don’t Sleep on Shutters in Bedroom Remodels


    Bedroom remodels consistently rank among the most popular interior home improvements, and with good reason.

    Many people spend more time in their bedrooms than they realize. Sleeping occupies approximately one-third of the average person’s life, which means most people spend about eight hours per day in bed.

    Of course, bedrooms are more than sleeping quarters. They’re also sanctums; rooms many people turn to for relaxation, peace and privacy.

    Ideal Bedfellows: Bedroom Windows and Exterior Shutters

    Furniture, paint and interior lighting are favored focal points in bedroom remodels. But features such as windows and exterior shutters shouldn’t be overlooked.

    As a recent Homes & Gardens article about bedroom renovations observes, window treatments like functional shutters offer both aesthetic value and practical advantages. On the stylistic side, operable shutters should complement a home’s architecture and enhance its curb appeal while also augmenting the interior design for a cohesive look.

    Functional shutters can also be used to block out light for better sleeping, control airflow for optimal comfort, diminish external noise and amplify privacy. Well-made operable shutters can also help improve a home’s energy efficiency by reducing thermal loss and thermal gain through windows.

    Beauty Sleep: Style Considerations for Bedroom Shutters

    Exterior shutters are perhaps the most versatile window treatment. Shutters are available in several types that lend themselves to historic, traditionally styled and modern homes.

    Louver shutters, for example, have been around for centuries and today are found on classic and contemporary homes alike. Operable louver shutters have rows of horizontal blades that can be raised or lowered to achieve the desired levels of light, ventilation and privacy.

    For those who prefer an option for complete bedroom darkness, panel shutters may be a perfect fit. While panel shutters allow varying profiles and configurations to suit numerous home styles, the shutters themselves are solid and provide lightless solitude when closed over windows.

    Combination shutters blend the aesthetic and pragmatic benefits of louver shutters and panel shutters, and they’re highly customizable. For instance, the panel and louver sections can be arranged in different formats, such as paneled lower segments with louvered upper portions or vice versa.

    For homes with rustic character, such as the Cape Cod or French Country styles, closed board-and-batten shutters may be suitable. Board-and-batten shutters have distinctive vertical staves (or boards) that are accented by horizontal planks (or battens) at the tops and bottoms; historically, the battens held the boards in place, but modern versions of these shutters are often made with indentations instead of gaps between the boards so that functional board-and-batten shutters perform similarly to panel shutters.

    Mixing shutter styles is also acceptable, although it’s advisable to maintain consistency in where and how the shutters are utilized. By way of example, one fashionable shutter pairing on multi-story homes is panel shutters for the lower levels, where additional privacy may be preferred, with louver shutters on the top floors, where airflow and light management may be priorities.

    Express Yourself: Shutter Customization Options

    In addition to being spaces where we sleep and seek quietude, bedrooms are also ripe for personal expression. Custom-made shutters likewise present ample opportunities for personalization, from materials to style variations to colors to decorative hardware.

    For a natural look that accommodates either stain finishes or paint, premium wood shutters may be a good choice. If maintenance-free shutters are preferred, Endurian® may be suitable; Endurian is Timberlane’s exclusive PVC, which replicates the appearance and texture of natural wood, and can be painted virtually any color.

    Each shutter style offered by Timberlane has several design alternatives that facilitate the creation of truly unique shutters. Louver shutters, for instance, can be made with differing blade sizes, while panel shutters may have raised, recessed or flat panels with various trims.

    In addition to standard stain finishes and paint colors, Timberlane also has the ability to match custom colors so you can find the perfect hue for your bedroom shutters. Further visual flair can be created with decorative shutter hardware like pull rings, tiebacks, hinges and locks.

    About Timberlane: Exterior Shutters Without Peer

    Timberlane is dedicated to making the world’s finest shutters, and we have nearly 30 years of experience handcrafting shutters that enrich the character of historic and luxury homes.

    Our knowledgeable design consultants love working with homeowners and trade professionals to create shutters that provide long-lasting beauty and performance. To learn more about shutter styles and customization choices, or to request a quote, connect with Timberlane today.


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