Why Choose Wood Window Shutters

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    PVC, fiberboard and other composite materials have reigned as the top foundations for exterior shutters in recent years, due largely to their cost-effectiveness. But wood shutters are making a comeback as more trade professionals and homeowners rediscover the benefits of functional window shutters made from high-quality timber.

    Following are five characteristics that distinguish premium wood shutters from their plastic and wood-pulp counterparts.

    Natural Beauty that Complements Any Home


    Wood window shutters make themselves at home with practically any exterior material and architectural style. With the right shutter style and the proper paint color or stain finish, wood shutters can enhance common external building materials including brick, fiber cement, stone, stucco, vinyl and metal siding, and even wood.

    Wood window shutters also lend themselves to classic and modern home styles. Many popular luxury home designs today were historically built with wood exterior shutters, and wood also aligns with trends among new contemporary homes for natural materials, sustainability and energy efficiency.

    Low-Maintenance Longevity

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    If wood is sometimes knocked as an ideal shutter material, it’s because of misconceptions about the types of wood used for shutters and their durability when exposed to the elements. This reputation is fueled in part by the inferior woods and pulp composites often utilized in mass-market, off-the-shelf shutters.

    When crafted with a superior wood species, wood shutters are easy to care for and provide ample resistance to moisture, sun exposure and insects. Mahogany wood shutters, for example, offer inherent water resistance, and mahogany is a dense and stable wood that can withstand temperature swings without cracking or warping.

    Sustainable and Simple to Repurpose

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    Wood is a sustainable material that can be more easily recycled or repurposed than PVC or fiberboard, two other materials widely favored for exterior shutters. When wood shutters reach the end of their lifespans, or when homeowners desire an aesthetic change, there are alternatives to sending them to a landfill.

    Unpainted or otherwise untreated wood shutters can be recycled. Painted or stained shutters are non-recyclable, but they may be salvaged or upcycled for other purposes (such as for handmade furniture, storage accessories, room dividers, picture frames, signs, birdhouses and beyond).

    Thermal Insulation and Energy Efficiency

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    When wood shutters are functional, they can help regulate interior temperatures and improve a home’s energy efficiency. Windows are a major source of both thermal loss and thermal gain, and the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the average home loses up to 30% of its energy consumption through uncovered windows.

    Multiple studies have found that functional wood shutters that are designed to snugly close over their windows improve the airtightness of the windows while also reducing thermal absorption and thermal loss through the windows. Operable shutters can be used year-round to help sustain comfortable internal temperatures and contribute to substantial energy savings.

    Customizable for Optimal Curb Appeal

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    Each wood shutter possesses distinctive graining and texture that makes it unique. But wood shutters also accommodate a wide range of personalization options for unmatchable curb appeal.

    In addition to various stain finishes that can enrich their innate beauty, wood shutters also welcome standard and custom paint colors that provide visual flair while retaining the wood’s character. Wood shutters are also receptive to shutter cutouts and decorative hardware that further facilitate one-of-a-kind personalization.

    About Timberlane: Extraordinary Shutters for the Finest Homes

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    Timberlane is committed to making the world’s finest exterior shutters.

    Our skilled artisans have decades of experience handcrafting shutters with premium wood, sturdy aluminum and maintenance-free Endurian®. Each shutter is custom made for a precise fit and seamless appearance.

    We love collaborating with trade professionals and homeowners alike to create the perfect shutters for each project, whether it’s a new build, a cosmetic refresh or a renovation to a historic structure. Our friendly and knowledgeable design team is here to guide you through every step of the custom shutters journey.

    When you’re ready to learn more about your options for exterior shutters or request a quote, connect with Timberlane.


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