A Closer Look at Window Shutters’ Configuration Options

    Black panel and lovuer shutters on yellow siding house front

    Among the many benefits of custom, exterior shutters is that they offer nearly boundless opportunities for personalization. One of these occasions is the design configuration of the shutters.

    What, exactly, does “shutter configuration” refer to? Shutter configuration is the arrangement of fields on a given shutter.

    For example, a panel shutter may have a single field within its frame or up to four stacked fields, depending on your design preferences. Fixed-louver Bermuda shutters, on the other hand, may have one field, two side-by-side fields or four double-stacked fields.

    Following is a look at shutter styles that accommodate different design configurations, as well as arrangement options for each style and further avenues for shutter customization.


    Exterior Shutter Styles with Design Configurations

    Custom window shutters are available in several styles, and their inherent personalization choices vary. Shutter styles that allow design configuration alternatives include:

    • Louver shutters: Louver shutters may be decorative or functional; they are characterized by horizontal blades that may be fixed in place (on ornamental versions) or can be raised and lowered for airflow and light management (on operable models).
    • Panel shutters: As their name implies, panel shutters feature opaque panels that can be singular or stacked above one another; panel shutters may also be decorative or functional.
    • Bermuda shutters: Also known as hurricane shutters and Bahama shutters, Bermuda shutters are distinguished by their open, stationary louvers and the manner in which the shutters open and close vertically over their corresponding windows.
    • Combination shutters: A blend of louver shutters and panel shutters, combination shutters allow different configurations of solid fields and louvered fields; like their paneled and louvered relatives, combination shutters may be ornamental or operable.

    It should be noted that two other popular shutter styles — board-and-batten shutters and mission shutters — offer their own unique personalization possibilities. Board-and-batten shutters, for instance, may be crafted with open or closed boards while mission shutters permit multiple selections for geometric patterns and cross-sections.


    Shutter Configuration Options by Shutter Style

    Louver shutters, panel shutters and combination shutters generally provide the same design configuration options, but we’ll consider them individually here. Bermuda shutters possess slightly fewer configuration choices, but they furnish additional alternatives for louver widths and cross-section designs.

    Louver Shutter Configurations

    Louver shutters are the oldest known shutter style, and they remain popular today thanks to their timeless design and versatility.

    Louver shutters may consist of one, two, three or four fields within each shutter. When multiple fields are chosen, they may be stacked atop one another in varying dimensions.

    For example, a two-field shutter may feature each panel at 50%, or one panel at 60% and the other at 40%. A three-field shutter may include three, even panels at 33% or two panels at 40% and one at 20%; a four-field shutter would include four uniform panels at 25%.

    Panel Shutter Configurations

    Panel shutters are staples of several enduring luxury home styles, including Colonial, Federal, Georgian and Victorian. They also facilitate a wide range of customization opportunities, including raised, recessed and flat panels.

    Relative to design configurations, panel shutters can be made with a single, solid field or with stacked fields in the following arrangements:

    • Two fields: 50% each field; 40% top field and 60% bottom field; or 60% top field and 40% bottom field.
    • Three fields: 33% each field; 20% top field, 40% middle field and 40% bottom field; 40% top field, 20% middle field and 40% bottom field.
    • Four fields: 25% each field.

    Bermuda Shutter Configurations

    Bermuda shutters are available in different materials and strengths, including hurricane-rated aluminum for superior storm protection in coastal areas.

    Bermuda shutters may have one, two or four fields. The two-field configuration contains two side-by-side fields at 50% each. A four-field Bermuda shutter features two pairs of stacked fields, with each field at 25% of the shutter surface.

    Combination Shutter Configurations

    Combination shutters spotlight the most prominent features of louver and panel shutters. When functional, combination shutters provide on-demand privacy with added ventilation and light control.

    Like panel and louver shutters, combination shutters may feature one to four fields. Two-field options include each shutter at 50%, or one field at 60% and the other at 40%.

    Three-field combination shutters may have each stacked field at 33%; the top field at 20% with the middle and bottom fields at 40%; or the top and bottom fields at 40% with the middle at 20%. Four-field combination shutters boast four even fields at 25% each.


    Additional Shutter Personalization Options

    On top of the design configurations, each shutter style comes with its own stylistic variations, such as panel depth and louver width.

    Shutters may be additionally customized through their materials (such as premium wood, maintenance-free Endurian® or aluminum), paints and stain finishes, and hardware. Like window shutters, shutter hardware can be both aesthetic and practical.

    Some shutter styles, like panel shutters, combination shutters and mission shutters, may also be enhanced by shutter cutouts. Shutter cutouts provide a truly personal touch, and they can even be based on custom designs.

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