Why Custom Window Shutters are Worth the Investment


    When assessing exterior shutters for a home, homeowners and trade professionals often start with whether to choose custom shutters or off-the-shelf shutters.

    Custom shutters and mass-market shutters are available in multiple styles, materials and colors. But custom shutters and off-the-shelf shutters differ widely in the quality of their craftsmanship and materials, and the availability of personalization options.

    Ready-made shutters may be less expensive upfront, but custom shutters can provide both immediate and long-term benefits. Following are five reasons why custom exterior shutters are worth the initial investment.

    Superior Materials and Performance


    Mass-produced shutters are often made with cheap materials including vinyl, PVC, fiberboard and other composites.

    Low-grade vinyl and PVC shutters are prone to premature wear with seasonal weather changes, and their colors may fade with prolonged sun exposure. Shutters made with fiberboard or inferior wood supply minimal moisture resistance, and they are susceptible to warping and cracking.

    Elite synthetic shutters should be made from a strong compound like Endurian®, which is Timberlane’s proprietary PVC. Encurian is made with a high volume of plasticizers that provide Timberlane shutters with a dense but lightweight structure that won’t expand, contract or fracture with exposure to the elements.

    Wood shutters should be crafted from a premium timber such as mahogany. Mahogany is well suited for shutters because it’s a naturally moisture-resistant wood that is also receptive to paint and stain finishes.

    Quality materials are especially important if the shutters are functional. Operable shutters must be able to withstand day-to-day use as well as daily subjection to sunlight and weather extremes.

    A Perfect Fit and Installation Ease


    Off-the-shelf shutters are mass manufactured in standardized sizes, yet even standard windows and their corresponding framing and trim have slight variations.

    If the shutters are intended only as decorative, minor sizing misfits may not be noticeable. But if the shutters are functional, tiny size differences can cause big installation headaches and impair the shutters’ function.

    Custom crafting each shutter to its related window ensures easy installation and an ideal fit for both ornamental and operable shutters. For functional shutters, precise measurements and detailed artisanship also contribute to lasting performance.

    After installation, the best custom shutters should require little to no maintenance. Timberlane’s Endurian shutters, for instance, are designed to be maintenance-free, and our wood shutters and operable shutters require only occasional inspections and light cleanings to keep them clear of debris and operating smoothly.

    Expansive Personalization Options



    Most ready-made shutters have limited color choices and individualization options.

    Timberlane offers several classic and contemporary shutter styles, each with its own design and milling alternatives. For example, our panel shutters may be made with raised, recessed or flat panels with varying options for panel configuration and trim depth.

    Timberlane further extends a spectrum of standard colors, as well as the ability to match custom colors. We also have several stain finishes to enrich the natural beauty of our wood shutters.

    Some homes and shutter styles call for additional embellishments. Timberlane possesses an extensive library of shutter cutouts, as well as a wide range of decorative hardware and period-appropriate hardware for shutters on historic or traditionally styled homes.

    Enhanced Curb Appeal and ROI

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    Custom window shutters are an investment, but they can also furnish a significant return on investment and add merit in ways beyond home value.

    Attractive, properly fitting shutters are crucial to curb appeal. Exterior shutters — or a lack thereof — are among the first features people notice about a home; mismatched, mis-sized or missing shutters can diminish a home’s perceived value.

    Well-built, form-fitting, functional shutters can additionally augment a home’s energy efficiency. Operable exterior shutters have proven effective at reducing heat gain and thermal loss through windows, and decreasing energy consumption; they also allow light, ventilation and privacy control.

    Exceptional Customer Service and Support



    Finally, an eminent custom shutter manufacturer should offer top-notch customer service that’s on par with its products.

    At Timberlane, our knowledgeable design team and expert artisans have extensive experience collaborating with architects, builders, contractors and homeowners to create the perfect shutters for each project. We’re here to support you through every stage of the custom shutters process to assure your satisfaction.

    Timberlane also maintains a digital library of illustrated, interactive and video resources. These references can assist with everything from style, material and color selection to accurate measurement capture to installation and maintenance.

    If you’re ready to learn more about custom shutters or request a quote, connect with Timberlane today. Trade professionals can find additional information about our products, including architecture and building resources, at our Timberlane Pros website.


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