Window Makeover Ideas

    Window Makeovers for Incredible Curb AppealThis charming lookout is dressed in customized combination shutters with v-groove flat panels at top and fixed louvers below.

    Window makeovers have been a popular choice for homeowners in the past few years. Lowering utility costs are a leading reason why new windows are an attractive remodeling option. But while lowering heating and cooling bills is a great benefit on its own, energy efficiency is just one of the benefits.

    According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2017 Cost vs. Value Report, window replacements offer a 73% return on investment. Part of that is their effect on curb appeal – one of the most impactful elements in evaluating a home's market value, according to RealtorMag.

    New windows offer homeowners even more bang for their buck as elements of exterior design. So, if you’re thinking of replacing your windows, don’t miss an opportunity to double their impact by updating them for curb appeal, as well! Use the remodel wisely and it will pay back in dividends.

    There are many options for taking a simple window upgrade to the next level. With a little extra thought and effort, it can become a mini-facelift for your home exterior! Windows have a distinctive impact and play a significant role in defining your home’s style. Just think of how windows can shape a home both inside and out. Even installing a single bay window can make a room feel larger inside while adding dimension and elevation to the outside.

    When the time comes to update your windows, consider the variety of ways you can use the project to further tweak your home’s look and value. From window types to decorations, to window treatments inside and out, we've got plenty of ideas to inspire your next window makeover!


    Window Types

    One of the most immediately noticeable changes you can make is to add a "statement piece" window. There are different types of windows that can have a dramatic impact. Some will work better with certain architectural styles than others. We've included just a few options below to get you started:

    Bay and Bow Windows

    Bay and bow windows are a great option for letting in more light and adding dimension to your home exterior. These types are so similar that many people do not know the difference. Although both extend beyond the exterior wall, bay windows are made up of a single large pane in the middle and two windows on either side. Bow windows have a smoother curve, with 4-6 window panes. Both types can make a room appear larger, and can even create more sitting space as well. A popular option for kitchens and living rooms, bay and bow windows are also installed inside of bedrooms where they make great reading nooks.

    Picture Windows

    Picture windows are single, uninterrupted panes of glass that do not open and are often quite large in size. A beautiful addition to contemporary and modern homes, they are especially good for residences surrounded by picturesque landscapes. You can glean a little bit about their typical usage from their name. They are designed as a frame to the outside, so that the world becomes a "picture" hanging on the wall. They are a wonderful addition to sitting rooms and facing onto backyards. Picture windows have a tremendous effect on the look of your home when added to the facade. One factor you may want to consider before installing picture windows on the front wall is how they might affect your privacy and what type of window treatments you will need, such as long draperies to allow light while blocking full visibility from the street.

    Arched Windows

    Arched windows are great for adding visual interest to a home's design. The arched top, drawn from classical architecture, is also known as a Palladian shape. This form can be found throughout many of the ancient ruins around the Old World. If your home supports a classically-inspired style, arched windows can be an excellent way to build on that theme.

    Details Outside

    Window Boxes

    Little extra touches can have a big impact. Some of the options for giving your home a window makeover are strictly outdoor projects. Have a green thumb? Add window boxes with fragrant flowers or overflowing with lush green vines.

    window boxes with purple, green and white shutters

    illustration of window grille designsWindow Grilles

    Looking for some added architectural detail? Window grilles can be installed easily and come in a variety of options. Whether you go with something simple and clean or elaborate and ornate, window grille designs can give your home that extra pop of style without being too overpowering.

    Painted Trim

    Want to highlight the window's details with color?  A freshly painted window trim is the perfect opportunity to add some variation to your home's exterior palette. Whether you go bold, soft, or neutral, be sure to check out our post with tips on selecting colors for your home exterior.


    Details Inside

    Usually, exterior design is only affected by making changes to the outside of a home. However, windows give us the unique opportunity to show some style from the inside. This chance to boost curb appeal is often overlooked. For many, the whatever is visible in those transparent spaces on a facade is little more than an afterthought. But when homeowners actually utilize the area just inside a window, it can speak volumes about their personal style while still remaining subtle. Interior window dressings offer a slightly intimate peek at what the inside of a home might be like—and thoughtful details give the outside a hint of style that's all your own.

    purple, red and blue shutters on windows

    Window Art

    Art glass, suncatchers, stained glass, or even a tasteful design applied with static film are great options for giving your windows artistic detail. And it comes with a bonus: There is almost nothing more beautiful than colored, patterned sunlight shining into your home.



    Such a classic touch, candles in the windows of a house bring a feeling of warmth and presence to any home. Though we see these pop up often right around the holidays, plenty of windows are candle-lit all year long. And don't forget, while many opt for white candles, here is another chance to infuse the look with color if you wish.



    You really can do so much with curtains! Sheer white drapes flowing down a window offers a look of elegance that can match nearly any home. Heavier curtains in deep red, midnight blue, and other jewel tones give off a heady sense of opulence. Gingham or floral patterns are perfectly matched to the quaint cottage aesthetic, while bold contemporary patterns can suit modern homes to a T. No matter what type of house you're in, there are tons of options for dressing the windows in style.


    Exterior Shutters

    Exterior shutters are a great way to add curb appeal and value to your home. Windows with high-quality, shutters have a huge impact on a home's style, especially if they are functional, adding texture and architectural dimension.

    There are shutters for nearly every style imaginable! From traditional colonials to quaint cottages and farmhouses to seaside bungalows, custom shutters are ;a gorgeous addition to many homes. Whether paneled, louvered, or any other type, exterior shutters create a touch of elegance. Check out just a few styles of shutters below to get an idea of what works best for you!

    various timberlane shutters styles on various windows


     Want to learn more about shutter styles? You can download our new catalog here. If you already have your shutters picked out, try our Shutter Builder tool to get a quote for your custom order!


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