9 White Home Designs with Black Shutters

    A white home has a timeless appeal that never goes out of style. But it never hurts to inject some new life into an old classic.

    Contrasting colors are a proven way to make your house pop and boost curb appeal. The following nine houses take contrast to the next level by pairing polar opposites from both ends of the color spectrum: black and white.

    Each of these homes masterfully pairs black shutters with a white exterior and takes a unique approach to the traditional black-and-white combo. The results are truly awe-inspiring!

    If you’re thinking of going black and white with your home decor, these white homes with black exterior shutters are sure to give you some inspiration.

    1. A Black Paneled Door with Black Paneled Shutters

    black shutters with matching door on a white home

    Traditional black paneled shutters with white siding are a perfect blend of classic aesthetics and modern taste. On this home, the simple, sophisticated front door perfectly matches the style of the paneled shutters, which really ties the whole look together. The contrasting white siding and black accents look exquisite against the subtle grey stonework of the entryway, while the planters, lanterns and porch decor provide the ideal finishing touch.

    2. A Black Roof and Garage Door

    how to style a white home with black bermuda shutters

    Set against the stark white siding of this home, the black roof, black Bermuda shutters and black garage doors really command attention. While Bermuda shutters are popular in tropical landscapes and typically evoke a coastal feeling, this home proves how truly versatile this shutter style can be. The combination of warm lighting on the porch under the eaves and over the garage doors, and the home’s large open windows, make the entire space intriguing and inviting.

    3. Two-Story White House with Black Shutters

    how to style a white home with black louver shutters

    Black louver shutters are a perfect way to modernize this gorgeous Colonial-Style home with cream-colored stone siding. While this isn’t an example of white and black in the traditional sense, the light shade of the stonework creates a beautiful contrast that’s impossible not to admire.

    4. Matching Window Frames and Shutters

    how to style a white home with black shutters and window trim

    Even with a predominantly white exterior, this contemporary home really pops. Like other homes on the list, this home uses black shutters against a white facade for contrast, but the owners took that color scheme a step further by adding black window frames, as well. This choice ensures that the windows without shutters (like the small circular window) still stand out. Paired with the lush green foliage and charming front porch, this home looks ready for a magazine cover.

    5. A Blend of Shutter Styles on a Colonial Style Home

    how to style a white Colonial home with black shutters

    Who says Colonial homes can’t make a big impact in modern times? In keeping with tradition, this home features black panel style shutters on the first floor and black louver style shutters on the second floor. Together, the shutters draw attention to the home’s breathtaking windows and enhance the symmetrical beauty of the overall structure. This house manages to look historically accurate and up-to-date with sharp contrasting color choices.

    6. Louvered Shutters for a Breezy Aesthetic

    tips for styling white homes with black louver shutters

    This house looks idyllic, doesn’t it? From the porte cochère and the plants to the red brick chimneys, this whole picture is bursting with laid-back charm. Black louvered shutters are a perfect choice for this home because they help complete the look of an easy, breezy, relaxing sanctuary. The black and white color choice was the ideal way to accentuate the home’s picturesque exterior.

    7. Black Shutters Paired with Stunning Stonework

    how to style a white farmhouse with black shutters

    You don’t have to go all the way with black and white to reap the aesthetic benefits of contrasting colors. This gorgeous farmhouse uses stonework as a staple while still leaving room for tonal contrast with black shutters and white siding. The black shutters are an ideal choice to offset both the white and stone elements of the facade. We don’t know if it’s the back porch, the cute pup, or the lush forestry – but this home looks extremely inviting.

    8. Arched Shutters and Red Brick

    how to style a white home with black arch top shutters

    The black radius-top shutters help draw your focus to the dreamiest part of this home: the beautiful arched window and the porch beneath it. This large porch feels plucked straight out of a storybook, with those classic white rocking chairs and stunning red brick steps. That burst of bold color, along with the black-and-white contrast of the facade and the beautiful gray stone on the circle drive, make for a picture-perfect place to call home.

    9. Black Shutters Fit for a Historic Home

    tips for styling a white historic home with black shutters

    This historic home is already booming with personality. From the flat top roof to the large bay windows to the lovely patio overlooking an expansive lawn, this property has the feel of a palatial estate. Still, the addition of black shutters really lifts the home’s look to the next level. The black shutters give depth to the home’s flat facade and provide the perfect pop of contrasting color to balance out the grey roof and white siding. From where we sit, taking in this breathtaking scene, we can’t imagine choosing any other shutter color!

    Choosing the Best Black Shutters for Your White Home

    If you’re ready to amp up the contrast on your white home, then black shutters could be the ideal option. These nine dreamy homes prove that white houses with black shutters can make an unforgettable impression.

    Now that you’ve settled on a shutter color, explore your options for shutter finishes, shutter styles and shutter hardware. Take into account your home’s architectural style and the overall look you want to achieve. Whether you’re partial to the classic sophistication of panel shutters, the lighter look of louver shutters, the country charm of board and batten shutters, the tropical vibe of Bermuda shutters, or stylish combination shutters, you’re in for a treat when you see your shutters bring new life to your classic white home.


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