Which Way Do They Go? Louver Basics Revealed

    Which Way Should Louvers Face?

    Many customers ask us about the direction fixed louvers should go. Here's an answer for all who've wondered...

    diagram of Hanging Fixed Louver Shutters to show what side is the shutter front when opened
    There is an age-old question about which way the louvers in fixed louver shutters should point.

    (This also applies to operable louvers, but of course, those can be changed per individual preference.)

    The short answer is they should be pointed down and to the back. Naturally, that works if we are all thinking about the shutters when they are open, and much like the backslash/forward slash confusion, that keeps us poised over the symbol on our keyboards for a fraction of a second, we process the information before hitting the key.

    One person's backslash could be another person's forward. It all depends on the perspective.

    Open Shutters Louver Direction

    diagram of the correct way louver shutters should go when shutters are opened

    The correct installation of a fixed louver shutter should have the shutter louvers facing down and towards the back when the shutter is open (when it is not covering the window). This allows any rain or other water to fall through the louvers and down behind the shutter, avoiding any pooling or building in the shutter itself or in front of the window area.

    The image to the right shows the proper direction of fixed louvers when they are open on the house.

    Closed Shutters Louver Direction

    If the shutters are closed over the windows, they would then be pointing down and out, away from the window, so that water hitting the shutters would drain towards the front, and away from the area between the shutter and the window.

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