Unique Curb Appeal Ideas to Copy Now

    Is your home your haven but the exterior is looking a little blah? Do you wish you could liven up your exterior but don’t have all the time (or money) in the world? No fear, Timberlane is here! Check out some of our favorite, easy curb appeal ideas you can recreate at home.

    A Breath of Fresh Airdark blue shutters on red brick house

    Start that garden by the front door! A simple addition of some matching flowers or planters on your porch adds dimension to your porch and extends your living area. Be strategic with both the flower box and actual flower color and make sure they both compliment your home.


    Turn a Shutter Setup into a Feature Pieceblack louver arch top shutters on white church

    If you’ve got a side of your exterior that feels as if it is falling a little flat or is a bit starved for interest, the right, interesting shutter can help showcase a single window and add elements of thoughtful design to make the most of what was maybe a little too much negative space.


    Set Up Some Furnituregreen fixed louver shutters on porch

    Start the welcome wagon right on the front porch. Well-selected patio furniture will create depth and dimension, add color and also boost that inviting aura for your curb appeals. Porch furniture makes your whole home feel complete – if you’ve got impeccable accompaniments outdoors, people will just have to imagine that your interior is somehow even more impressive!


    Landscape Strategicallyblack panel shutters on red brick home

    A well-manicured lawn is worth at least a thousand words. Not only trimmed grass (a no-brainer) but accents such as pathways, shrubbery, flowers, trees and more that are clearly thought out and add a sense of completeness to a property, so the appeal stretched from the door to the curb itself.


    What’s Inside (Facing Out)blue panel shutters on white home

    Do not forget that your windows are, in fact, glass and the world can see through them. Make sure you present a pretty canvas facing out – nice curtains, stately blinds and even some windowsill accents, like a candle, truly complete the prettiest picture.

    You know your dream house is everything you could ever want it to be on the inside so do not forget to let that same beauty be immediately recognizable to passersby. From simple additions like flowers to loving your landscaping, you too can have killer curb appeal.



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