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    Exterior Shutters Can Help Prevent Bird-Window Collisions

    More than 100 million birds are killed annually in collisions with windows. If that figure makes ...
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    Why Choose Wood Window Shutters

    Following are five characteristics that distinguish premium wood shutters from their plastic and ...
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    Don’t Overlook Exterior Shutters on New Builds

    The history of window shutters spans thousands of years, and for most of their existence shutters ...
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    Shutters Can Play Key Role in Eco-Friendly Housing

    Eco-friendly housing draws from several elements, including sustainable materials and features that ...
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    The Best Shutters for Modern Farmhouse Homes

    The iconic American farmhouse is enjoying a renaissance fueled by new high-end housing developments ...
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    Why it Pays to Pay for a Strong Garage Door

    In the wake of tornadoes that stretched throughout the Midwest, South and Southeast earlier this ...
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    Exterior Shutter Ideas from Around the World

    Exterior shutters and their uses are not bound by borders. While shutters are believed to have ...
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    What Window Types Should Have Exterior Shutters?

    Properly fitting exterior shutters enhance a home’s curb appeal, and they can also augment a home’s ...
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    6 Garage Door Tips for Optimal Curb Appeal

    The right garage door can be the hero of a home’s design, and its super power is curb appeal.
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