6 Ways to Make Your Front Yard More Social

    Warmer weather is here, and so is the time for opening up the shutters, opening up your doors, and migrating indoor activities outdoors. As we all leave our long hibernations, we want somewhere to socialize and enjoy the pleasant evenings and good neighborhood company. And why shouldn’t that enviable spot belong to your home? We’re shaking off the winter blues and counting down the top ways you can make your front yard a little bit more social. 

    Cute and Classy Patio FurnitureBlack panel shutter white house porch

    The perfect hangout starts with simply having a place to sit – and, more than that, an area that is truly inviting. The right set of chairs and a small table is essentially a three-dimensional calling card just inviting people to come on over, take a seat, grab a cool beverage and shoot the breeze with you on a warm summer’s evening.


    Have a Conversation StarterRed Panel endurian shutters on stone home

    Adding a featured accent piece will draw the eye of your neighbors and more than likely get the conversation going! Something bright and beautiful that fits your aesthetic yet stands out just enough is the perfect starter for “Hey where’d you get that?” leading into a longer lasting friendship.


    Create a Shaded OasisGreen louver shutters on white porch

    When the thick summer heat beats down, your friends and neighbors will appreciate a place to beat the heat – while still staying out in the fresh air! Consider a fully or partially covered porch – or even a retractable awning – to provide your yard with an escape from the blazing rays for your neighborhood friends


    Lead the Way top board & batten shutters finished with delicate hardware and a coat of custom green paint

    If your porch itself is set back from the road, take advantage of the wide-open yard space but also make sure there’s an implied invitation to come on in! An opening in any fencing coupled with a literal pathway to your door will send out the message that all are welcome and will encourage more visitors.


    Guiding Lightsradius top shutter features a V-groove top panel with a diamond-shaped cutout and louvers on the bottom

    As the evenings darken the skies, there’s no better way to let others know that you are welcoming of visitors than to have exterior lights on, literally illuminating your yard and automatically creating a cozy, inviting and friendly atmosphere. If the lights are on, someone is home – and ready to mingle!


    Don’t Close Yourself OffWhite bermuda shutters on wood beach home

    It may seem a no-brainer – but it is also the easiest and quickest thing you can do: simply ensure your window shutters are open! With this small act, you are showing that you are not closed off and you are inviting the outside world in.

    Using your Timberlane shutters in ways of subtle communication will definitely draw the neighbors and turn your home into quite the literal cool spot.

    There’s no end to the possibilities of upping your front yard’s social game. Try a few of these surefire tips and get your summer socialization off to a super start!


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