Keep Count of Your Shutters with Our ID Services

    shutter engraving ID service so you can keep track of which shutters go on which windowsSometimes we get large projects that require hundreds of shutters. And in these cases, homeowners need to know which shutters go on certain windows. Of course, we want to make sure there are no mistakes during installation. That would be awful!

    Enter our Window Identification Engraving Service.

    This is a service we offered recently to the Winterthur Museum restoration project. With several buildings and over 400 windows, each with a variety of sizes and styles, we developed a way to engrave each shutter with a unique ID referenced and matched to the window ID.

    So you can number them or even label them (Master Bedroom, Porch Left, etc) to make sure your custom exterior shutters are hung perfectly.

    Need to learn more about this service? Contact a Sales and Design consultant today at 800-250-2221.


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