Curb Appeal Ideas: Inviting Outdoor Spaces

    When we talk curb appeal, we are focused on all the details that go into making a home the full package – from the accents that bring a welcoming air about a place to the overall aesthetic that ties a home together and really makes it feel finished and whole. One of the most important ways to make that great first impression is to focus on your outdoor spaces and have your exterior beckon on in.

    The Biggie: Overall Condition & ColorStained wood panel shutters on dark blue home

    The exterior of your home sends that first impression, so you will want that exterior itself to be the best and brightest it can be. You want to ensure there is no chipped paint, no missing roof shingles – even something as simple as ensuring overhangs remain free of wasp nests, and spider webs go a long way to projecting cleanliness and appeal.

    You should also pay attention to your exterior color choice, as you want a hue that speaks to a majority of people. Avoid bright, gimmicky colors and stick to a more neutral palette, which does include pale colors such as soft blues and light yellows. Always take into consideration your surroundings, both natural and neighbor-wise to make sure your abode is not the dissonant chord in an otherwise harmonious landscape.


    Use Details Smartly and Don’t Neglect the WindowsWhite closed Board and Batten shutters on gray home

    If the windows of a house are like the eyes to its soul, you should make sure they are well-presented and protected.

    A great way to add instant dimension and color to a home is with the addition of shutters. They will not only frame your windows and add a layer of design, they really go a long way to a home’s exterior feeling complete and pulled together.

    Consider, though, the style of home you have and utilize custom offerings, such as Timberlane custom shutters, to make the most of your options. If you have a country-chic home, barn shutters will work well. Are you living the shore home dream? Some Bermuda shutters will fit right in. Make smart color choices, too, by planning against your house’s siding to either match tones or contrast smartly.


    Create a Welcoming SpaceGray board and batten shutters on yellow stucco home

    Your front porch is like the calling card to the world so utilize that space to create an inviting atmosphere. Your whole home will look and feel well pulled together if the social space begins outside with some outdoor furniture, a few potted plants and maybe an accent piece.

    The key here, though, is moderation – you will have only a limited amount of space to work with and you do not want your first impression to look overcrowded and poorly planned.


    LandscapingBlack panel shutters on white stucco and tan stone home

    Last but certainly not least, you will want to keep up with your landscaping. A well-manicured yard that is kept trim, some flowers in the garden, perhaps a birdbath or an outdoor swing will keep your home looking neat, your space welcoming, and your presence very appealing.



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