The Importance of Shutter Capping for Wood Shutters

    If you’re looking to add character to your home’s exterior and boost your curb appeal for years to come, premium wood shutters are a sound investment. They’re sturdy, stylish and absolutely stunning!

    That said, in order to reap all the amazing benefits of wooden exterior shutters throughout their expected lifespan, it’s important to protect them from Mother Nature’s wrath. Like every other aspect of your home’s exterior, your shutters face the elements every day and are susceptible to weather damage.

    What is the best way to shield your shutters from the effects of inclement weather? Shutter capping!

    What is Shutter Capping?

    protective capping for exterior shutters

    Shutter capping is like a roof for exterior shutters. Installed over the top edge of the shutters, capping acts as a seal, repelling water and preventing it from seeping into the wood.

    Shutter capping can also add some extra shine to your shutters. Capping is available in aluminum and copper, and it can be painted to match the color of the shutters to achieve a seamless, uniformed look.

    Why is Shutter Capping Important?

    why is shutter capping important for exterior shutters

    When you’re looking to add wooden exterior shutters to your home, shutter capping is a critical piece of hardware and should be considered part of the installation process. Premium wood shutters can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance, but failing to install them with capping can lead to premature breakdown and significantly shorten the shutters’ lifespan.

    Water penetration at the joints is a common cause of failure for wooden exterior shutters, especially in climates where rain, sleet and snow are prevalent.

    What Can Happen To Wooden Shutters Without Capping?

    how does shutter capping protect exterior shutters

    Within just a few years of installation, prolonged exposure to the elements can start to take a real toll on wood shutters without capping. Cracks can appear in the the top rail of the shutter, and they aren’t just unsightly; they compromise the entire structure of the shutter. Left unaddressed over time, these cracks allow more water to steep into the wood, throwing off the alignment of the shutter and eventually causing the mortise and tenon construction to fall apart.

    Fortunately, issues like these can be prevented with a little bit of preparation and attention to detail.

    How To Protect Your Wood Shutters with Shutter Capping

    why install exterior shutters with protective capping

    If you’re planning to invest in wood exterior shutters as a finishing touch for your home, it just makes sense to protect that investment. Shutter capping is a simple way to preserve the functionality and look of your shutters for many years to come. Think of it as shutter insurance!

    When you purchase premium-quality wood shutters with functional hardware and capping, you get the total package: exterior accents that stand out and stand the test of time. Take the time to install that protective hardware; we can’t think of a better way to “cap” off a home improvement project!


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