How to Design a Mini Outdoor Retreat

    Ah, sweet, sweet summer! When it comes to those lazy, hazy, crazy days of our warmest season, who would not want their home to be transformed into a perfectly private oasis? Turns out, you do not have to travel far or break the bank to bring the retreat lifestyle to your front door.

    Set Up Some PrivacyAlternative use garden shutters to create privacy

    Whether you use louver shutters, wooden fencing or natural shrubbery, a sense of privacy from the outside world is essential to creating a feeling of ease and a place you can really relax. Shield yourself from reality and enjoy the comforts of your own secret spot. After all, what resort would let in the images of traffic, chatty neighbors and, most importantly, any feeling of needing to work? Once you are properly, perfectly secluded from the rigors of the outside world, you can turn off your mind and let the serenity you have created wash right over you.


    Add Cute or Tropical Accents to Match Your HomeBlue seahorse panel shutters

    If your champagne supernova of an outdoor oasis directly faces a wall of your home, don’t neglect the darling details that can be found in your shutters! Timberlane offers cute cutouts that you can order to match the vibe of your very own private retreat. How chic! If that's not your thing, you can layer on the adorable details in anything from themed garden gnomes to strings of fairy lights to tropical cushions and outdoor flatware. Whatever your relaxing theme, you can incorporate that vibe in small but clever ways.


    Relax in Comfortable Furnituregreen grey board and batten Porch shutters

    Whether it’s thanks to a relaxing rocker, a glorious glider or a perfectly plush outdoor couch, you can only truly relax when the furniture you are lounging in is built for ultimate comfort. Whoever heard of a resort offering up hard plastic chairs? You deserve to unwind in something soft and cozy to let those relaxation waves wash over you. Just as those details and the right amount of comfort can turn a house into a home, so should the same amount of attention be paid to your outdoor sitting spaces. You wouldn’t have a hard, lumpy couch to watch TV, so why have a hard, cold bench to watch the stars?


    Nurture That NatureBeautiful Exterior board and batten shutters on front of house

    Lush plants and bright flora are the backbones of any outdoor resort – so much so that ‘outdoor’ is right there in the description! You’ll set your mind and spirit at ease when you're surrounded by beautiful flowers, soft shrubs, and Mother Nature’s gentle embrace. Do you have a favorite flower? Is there a color scheme brewing in your head? Your design creativity does not have to just be confined to the material - let the peaceful decorating expand to some perfect plants!


    Gimme ShelterWhite panel SHUTTERS on brown porch

    While you will want the sweet softness of the outdoors to flow freely through your private retreat, you will not want to forget about protection from the elements. The rain may pour down, the wind may whip through, the sun may beat mightily, and so you will want to protect your furniture and carefully curated space from damage. Also, there is something innately calming about listening to a soft rain in a safe outdoor place, is there not? Don’t bother with a cheap indoor white noise machine - embrace your own retreat instead!

    The dream of a wonderful oasis, a personal retreat is not that hard to achieve! Set aside a little time and space for yourself and stay true to your good vices.



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