Exterior Color Combinations Done Right!

    When it comes to setting the tone for your home, the right color combination makes it or breaks it for the whole thing. We’ve rounded up some of our all-time favorite looks to inspire your color journey. And if you are looking for a way to add that touch of color,Timberlane Shutters is here to help!

    Classic Black & Whiteblack panel shutters on white vinyl siding home

    It is a classic for a reason, after all. Black on white manages to be whatever you need it to be. With its sharp, clean dynamics it is all at once classy, rock ‘n roll, minimalistic and ever eye-catching. The best part? It creates a perfect backdrop for any color of accents you wish to have pop: a red wheelbarrow, some fuchsia flower, blue gardening tools… The possibilities are endless!


    Blue on Stoneblue panel shutters on gray and tan stone home

    A dusty blue against a warm, gray neutral – especially a stone – adds a level of comfort and softness. These two hues play off of each other’s strengths and edges to create a welcoming duality.


    Warm Yellow & Cool Whitewhite panel shutters on yellow stucco home

    And speaking of opposites attracting, this duo hits all the right notes – and temperatures. This palette really brings to mind an old World, Tuscan villa vibe that can’t help but draw the eye and warmly welcome all into your home.


    Mustard, Pale Green & Brick Redyellow and green panel shutters on brick home

    There’s just something about a natural brick facade that practically begs for a rich color compliment. Using complementary tones of warm yellows and greens is a surefire way to create interest while maintaining a harmonious exterior.


    Sage Green & Dusty Yellowgreen louver shutters on peach stucco home

    Not quite opposites on the color wheel, green and yellow still tend to pair beautifully together as each brings out the warm in the other while balancing with some cooler notes. When used right, this combo can evoke feelings of both summer and fall, and wine country and beach country - a truly versatile pairing!


    Coral With White Accents and Blackblack bermuda shutters on peach stucco home

    What is it about this combination that has the ability to make you think of 1950s adorable style and tropical Havana getaways? The pink that’s not quite pink coupled with a stark white buddy balance the warm with the cool and creates a look that’s always fresh and always on trend.


    Red, White, and Blueblue panel shutters on red brick home

    A masterclass in subtle Americana, any home that showcases this color combo has all the reason for patriotic levels of pride. We do not recommend ostentatious splashes of patterns and pop for the sake of pop, but a well-executed trifecta can really work its magic!


    Peach & Redred panel shutters on tan brick home

    Your colors don’t always have to be so opposite or wildly different to pop! Sometimes choosing a similar palette - one that has a more pastel and a brighter take - creates not only cohesion but harmony with a pop of excitement.

    Whatever color direction your tastes lie, there’s a tried and true – or an unexpected! – combo of hues that is all set to speak to you and transform the exterior of your very own dream home.