Is There a ‘Best’ Material for Exterior Shutters?


    Purchasing quality exterior shutters doesn’t just revolve around style. If you want your shutters to provide enduring beauty or functional aesthetics for a luxury home, you want to consider what they’re made of as well.

    As is often the case with home materials, there isn’t a single “best” option. Exterior shutters are available in natural and synthetic materials, each category of which offers benefits depending on the use, home design and weather-related factors.

    When assessing exterior shutter materials, consider a few notable elements related to design, longevity and functionality.

    Shutter Materials that Provide Beauty and Durability


    There are numerous materials that can and have been used for exterior shutters. Wood, vinyl, foam and composites have all accompanied window treatments at times.

    However, certain exterior-shutter materials are better suited to simultaneously providing elegance, durability and even functionality than others. These materials include:

    Premium Wood


    When it comes to exterior home use, not all woods are created equal. Some woods are better suited to withstand sun exposure, extreme temperatures and dramatic weather changes than others.

    Quality wood shutters for luxury homes are ideally made with mahogany. Mahogany not only brings a unique, hand-crafted aesthetic to a home’s exterior, it can also be coated with a finish that enhances its natural beauty and boosts its inherent durability.

    Endurian® or PVC


    PVC has become an increasingly popular synthetic option for exterior shutters because of its cost-effectiveness and ability to mimic the look and texture of natural materials. Like wood, however, not all PVC shutters are manufactured to the same standards.

    Cheap PVC exterior shutters often have short lifespans due to premature fading and cracking with sun and weather exposure. Timberlane uses the exclusive Endurian PVC, which replicates the appearance and feel of natural wood while offering elite durability.



    Aluminum exterior shutters offer homes and commercial structures an added level of protection. The aluminum used in Timberlane’s Resilience shutters is available in a standard grade and a hurricane-rated option.

    Protective aluminum shutters often lack style because they aren’t designed to complement a home’s architecture. Resilience exterior shutters are available in a number of styles to suit your window treatments and home’s aesthetic while also shielding your home from weather-related damage.

    Exterior-Shutter Material Considerations


    Evaluating exterior-shutter materials is helpful, but that alone doesn’t answer the question, What is the best option for my home? The solution arrives with the answers to a few more questions:

    What is the home’s architectural style?

    If it’s an older, traditional home or a historic home, wooden shutters may be appropriate. On the other hand, modern homes or new homes that embrace a classic style may adopt PVC shutters such as Endurian.

    Will the exterior shutters be decorative or both decorative and usable?

    Most exterior shutters today are decorative, but some are also engineered for functionality. If the shutters are desired to regulate airflow or light control, wood or PVC like Endurian may be ideal.

    What kind of weather is the home exposed to?

    If the home is in a climate with limited weather extremes, wood can offer an elegant, natural aesthetic. If your home receives extensive sun, high winds, heavy precipitation or other harsh weather conditions, Endurian PVC or aluminum may be optimal.

    What material do you like?

    Personal preference can be a great tie-breaker for exterior-shutter materials, as the choice often comes down to wood or PVC unless the home or structure demands protective aluminum. What do you think looks, feels and works best for your home?

    Timberlane: The Finest Exterior Shutters for the Finest Homes

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    Timberlane makes first-class exterior shutters, and we understand the challenges architects, builders and homeowners face when choosing the right style and material for exterior shutters.

    That’s why we’re here to help. We offer a unique exterior shutter visualizer that lets you preview various styles, colors and materials based on images of your own home or a photo of similar home type from our library.

    We’re also happy to talk with you and go over your options together. Connect with Timberlane today to request a quote or a personal consultation.


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