10 Benefits of Exterior Window Shutters

    Long ago, when glass windows were expensive and hard to come by, exterior shutters were functional necessities for houses and buildings. Shutters were simply a way to protect homes and homeowners from the elements while style and appearance were secondary.

    benefits of shutters

    Over the years, shutters have evolved from a necessary part of a window to a reliable way to add visual interest, style, and intrigue to any home. The majority of homes today look plain without exterior shutters, even if their role has changed over the years.

    However, many people are surprised to learn that shutters still have a lot of the same functional benefits that they’ve always had, including plenty of new ones, too. There are several benefits that you’ll procure when installing exterior window shutters.

    Benefits of Exterior Window Shutters

    benefits of window shutters

    Before we dive in, it’s important to note that many of these benefits are only applicable if you have high-quality, functional window shutters. Mass-produced, vinyl, non-functional shutters won’t have many of these benefits.

    To experience the entire range of benefits of window shutters mentioned below, it’s essential that you have high-quality, customized, and functional shutters.

    1. Light Control

    Shutters allow you to utilize the full potential of your windows to brighten up your home or block out light entirely. Simply open and close them throughout the day to vary the lighting conditions depending on your activity. It’s a way to utilize natural lighting to play with different ambiances throughout the day – no mood-lighting required!  

    2. Added Protection from the Elements

    Bad weather and heavy storms can send tree limbs and debris hurtling through windows. Utilizing exterior window shutters helps protect your home from unpredictable weather and elements. If a storm is blowing through, simply close the shutters for added protection. Shutters will save your windows from damage and help keep you and your family safer in unpredictable conditions.

    3. Additional Privacy

    Sometimes blinds and curtains aren’t enough. Shutters provide the additional option of extra privacy and a stiff layer of security. If you have functional louvered shutters, you can simply tilt the slats up or down for additional privacy. If you have panel shutters, simply close them up to ensure your privacy. Shutters are great to have when going on weekend trips or longer vacations.

    4. Added Thermal Insulation

    window shutter benefits

    Did you know that shutters can add an additional layer of insulation to your home’s exterior? Added insulation can help you keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter by blocking cold drafts and heatwaves. During extreme temperatures, when you want a little extra thermal insulation, simply close the shutters.  

    5. Noise Reduction

    If your neighbors are throwing a party or there’s too much outdoor noise, shutters can help. Just close the shutters for a little more insulation between you and the outdoor annoyances.

    6. Increased Energy-Efficiency

    It seems like everyone is looking for paths to be more eco-friendly. Usually, that translates to new technology and expensive upgrades. However, exterior shutters, which have been used on homes for many years, are an effective way to boost energy efficiency in your home. Thanks to an extra layer of protection, you can block hot or cold air from escaping the comfort of your home. On sunny days, shutters are great for reducing direct sunlight. 

    7. Extra Ventilation

    benefits of exterior window shutters

    Louvered exterior shutters and Bermuda shutters are fantastic for added ventilation. Hot air rises, but how does it escape? Exterior shutters are a simple way to manually release air and boost your home’s circulation if things feel a little too hot or stuffy. Sometimes you just need a quick burst of extra ventilation, and shutters can easily provide you with the solution!

    8. Unique Customization Options

    Who doesn’t want their home to have that “wow” factor? Shutters have many customization options from styles, colors, materials, and more so you can match the theme of your home. When you choose handcrafted, totally customized shutters, the possibilities are truly as unlimited as your imagination. There aren’t many other areas of the home exterior that allow for as much unique customization as exterior window shutters.

    9. Improved Curb Appeal

    exterior window shutter benefits

    There’s no denying that shutters increase a home’s curb appeal. They’re the perfect finishing touch to bring a whole look together. Exterior shutters are classic and create a unique look that’s hard to match. Shutters are an elegant way to improve curb appeal.

    10. Added Home Value

    All of these added benefits are sure to increase your home value when it’s time to sell. If you’re looking for imaginative ways to boost your property value or increase home equity, adding shutters is a terrific way to create a unique facade and impress onlookers.