6 Rustic Farmhouse Exterior Decor Ideas

    ‘Rustic Chic’ is all the rage, and we can see why. Who wouldn’t want to live in the charm of an old farmhouse or bring out the cozier highlights of home life? Look around any neighborhood, and you’ll see modern takes on country charmers drawing the envy of neighbors from all over. Old homes, new homes, custom homes – anyone can bring this charming aesthetic to life with a few exterior decor touches!

    Barn InspiredRustic Farmhouse Exterior Decor Ideas

    Sure, barn doors are all the rage for interior design, but why not expand that theory to the outside of your home as well? You can really play up the charm and heart of a country soul with barn inspired shutters.


    Wraparound DreamsRustic Farmhouse With Red Shutters

    Wide open spaces aren’t just found in rural America - you can create the feeling of a warm, country afternoon by making to most of space you already have. Building, or building onto, a large front porch (with wraparound views to boot!) will give your home that spacious, country-living feel.


    Southern CharmLouvered shutters

    Country class doesn’t just have to draw to mind Colonial farmhouses. Louvered shutters and a covered porch bring out a Southern charm that speaks undeniable to that shabby chic vibe exterior decor aesthetic. You can almost feel the summer air on your skin!


    Country Cut OutsCountry Cut Outs

    Little touches of that farmhouse feel can be found in simple accents such as rustic colors (a muted olive gray) and cute shapes – in this case, adorable acorns! You can add those little touches in the form of classically rustic stars, horseshoes – anything your heart desires!


    Clean DreamWhite farmhouse

    Sometimes the farmhouse fantasy comes with a bit of Victorian flair. This covered porch, angled roof, and radius top shutters marry those hints of farmhouse and country manor with more details and intricacy, so you never have to choose!


    Natural VibesCrisp White Shutters

    Sometimes a single focal point can bring the whole theme of a home together. A rustic outdoor cellar entrance, charming creeping ivy, and ruffled farmhouse curtains pulled into the center by a set of crisp shutters. Country meets chic and old world meets new.

    You don’t have to live on a farm to enjoy the cozy qualities of farmhouse style touches. Whether you are a little bit country or your heart belongs to the city – or you’re somewhere in between! – chic, rustic touches are easy to add and will transform your whole home’s feel.


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