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    Garage Doors in Full Swing

    Modern garages and garage doors evolved from the carriage houses that became widespread through the ...
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    Historic Reproduction Shutters: Not Just for Historic Homes

    Historic home renovations often demand period-appropriate upgrades or additions, including ...
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    The Subtle Significance of Shutter Hardware (Pro)

    Shutter hardware may be concealed and used solely to affix decorative exterior shutters adjacent to ...
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    The Garage Door as a Home Design Focal Point

    “The modern idea of a home has been well expressed as the place one goes from the garage,” quipped ...
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    Exterior Shutter Installation Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

    The addition and replacement of exterior shutters are popular do-it-yourself home improvement ...
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    PRO - How Real-World Issues are Shaping Home Improvement Trends

    Practical demands in conjunction with our evolving stylistic sensibilities have long fueled home ...
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    Why Architects Choose Timberlane for Exterior Shutters

    When it’s time to consider exterior shutters, many residential architects and custom-home builders ...
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    Preserving Historical Authenticity: The Importance of Accurate Replica Exterior Shutters in Historic Renovations

    Historic renovations are a delicate balance between preserving a building's original character and ...
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    Full Measure: Precision Key to Exterior Shutters' Fit, Curb Appeal

    Exterior shutters that properly fit a home’s windows and align with its architectural elements can ...
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